Additional Equipment for Widowhood Boxes

For boxes of the following dimensions: 74,2 cm, 69,2 cm, 64,2 cm, 59,2 cm, 54,2 cm

Insert part for young birds.
This way, it is easy to create three perches in each box.
Price per piece: EUR 10.00


For boxes of the following dimensions: 59,2 cm, 54,2 cm

The following illustration shows an insert part for separating widowhood hens. This insert can also be used for 54.2 and 59.2 cm widowhood boxes as well as for perches of 18.2 cm in width. This is the easiest way to locate widowhood hens as they cannot mate in this perch.
Additional payment for reduction: EUR 1.80 per piece

double wall between the sections

If you want to divide your loft into 2 sections, it will be nice to order the unit with a double wall with a blind between. There you can place your divider wall in the section and maybe a slider on.

And you see the socket of the boxes. If you want to place wooden floor grills it will be fine to build a platform in the loft. 47 cm in deep and the height 5 mm more then the wooden floor grills.

motivation box in the socket!

an easy way to create an extra motivation box in the socket!

Slider door in the socket!

This Socket with the slider you can use as a passage in an Aviary at the back side from the loft.