Breeding boxes


The figure shows breeding boxes without a conveyor belt for excrement.

The specially constructed box provides optimum conditions for successful breeding of your pigeons. A breeding box contains additional floor for another nest bowl and two front doors, one of which is equipped with a vertically movable wooden blind.

The slider can be moved up or down on the frame, depending on the location of the young birds. The blind should always be set to ensure that the young bird is in the open part of the box. Owing to the slider arrangement, optimum box ventilation is provided.

Nest boxes Art. 304 with a conveyor belt for excrement and Art. 307 without the conveyor belt


separation door for breeding box


For difficult mating cases, we offer an intermediate frame. This separation door allows the pigeons to be locked under the intermediate floor. By arranging the nest bowl on top of each other, the second half of the box is entirely available for the mating of the pigeons. The result is a 100% fertilization rate as well as no crushing of the eggs.

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