Young Bird Boxes / Racing Boxes


This box type is also based on the tried and trusted widowhood box. The cabinet depth is 52 cm. This box can be used as a young bird box with a breeding burrow, as a seat shelf with two seats or even as a small widowhood box. Trouble-free, the front grille can be elevated to create a conventional shelf with a width of 26.3 cm.

This box is exboxent for young pigeons and single birds so described also as widowhood box. There are two front doors and one separation door.

This type of boxes can be used as young bird box and as young bird perch too. The front doors can be easily lifted to make a regular perch of 26,3 cm in width. (See illustration 3)
The box is perfect for young birds and single cooks. A young bird box is equipped with two front doors and one partition door. The partition door has a sliding passage which you can close. All three box doors can be lifted. Additionally, the colour panel of the front door can be open to the front (illustration 2 ) to remove pigeons from the front of the box.

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