young bird perches / widowhood hen perches

Perches are available in three sizes: 23,2 cm / 20,2 cm / 18,2 cm

This shelf is available with and without manure belt. The sizes 20.2 and 23.2 cm are suitable for young pigeons. For hens, the narrow sizes with 16.2 or 18.2 cm have proved their best. In addition, an inset can be installed in these places, which prevents two hens from being able to mate. The wire grids are arranged in such a way that the rods run from the front to the rear. This prevents the feces from settling on the grids. As a standard feature, the shelves are made of 5 rows one above the other and are equipped with a plinth panel at the bottom.

With conveyor belt typ 323 without conveyor belt type 324 Sizes and prices see at the price page!

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